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About Us

Our mission is to facilitate excellence in rehabilitation and ensure outstanding care for all.

About Us

Founder Dr Penny Trayner talks about how her experiences as a
Paediatric Clinical Neuropsychologist led her to develop Goal Manager®.

Goal Manager® was founded in 2018 in Manchester, UK, within a paediatric neuropsychology service. After 10 years of working in independent practice, goal setting remained a complex and time-consuming process which was difficult to coordinate with busy multi-disciplinary teams.

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To make it even more difficult, clinicians within those teams were often based in different locations all over the north of England. An extensive review of the literature on best-practice goal setting was conducted and culminated in a software application designed to take the gold-standard goal setting processes and streamline them into one system, allowing for time efficient, cost effective and meaningful goal setting within teams. The software was originally designed for use within its founding service, allowing the clinicians to spend more time with clients and less time on administrative tasks. After colleagues and peers within neurorehabilitation became interested and excited by the move towards innovative solutions to clinical problems, Goal Manager® was born. Although Goal Manager® was conceived in a brain injury service, the underpinning processes are universal to any healthcare service concerned with rehabilitation involving multi-disciplinary teams. This includes stroke, cardiology, mental health and addiction services, orthopaedics and respiratory services, which are highly linked to COVID-19 rehabilitation. Goal Manager® is now being used in services across Europe and North America, helping teams to achieve better goal setting for their clients and freeing up time to do the meaningful therapeutic work that changes lives.