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Goal Manager® understands the importance of privacy and security to our clients. We are committed to protecting any personally identifiable information we hold and process, and to fulfilling our obligations under the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). Under the GDPR, Goal Manager® acts as both a data controller, in respect of information we collect and process about you, and a data processor, in respect of information you store within your Goal Manager system that we process on your behalf.


Secure storage:

Some records, notes and other information can be recorded directly into the Goal Manager® system. Data is securely stored on a dedicated server hosted in a secure UK server centre by UKFast.  The server centre complies with all relevant UK and International standards and has the following accreditation:

ISO:90012.       ISO:140013.       ISO:270014.       ISO:270175.       ISO:270186.       ISO:223017.   Cyber Essential Plus


Contact and Support:

If you have any  queries, please contact us at