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Education, Research and Not for Profit

Education, Research and Not for Profit

The ethos behind Goal Manager is that all patients, clients and service users should be afforded best-practice rehabilitation when they need it most, and that this is especially important whent it comes to goal setting. It is our mission to make sure the next generation of rehabilitation healthcare professionals are able to deliver this and feel confident that they have the tools for the job.

To support this, we offer Goal Manager completely free for use for education purposes.

Through conversations with you as education providers and institutions, we aim to find out how you could best use our software to teach and practise gold-standard goal setting. We will assist you right through the process: from getting your students set up, providing consistent support on using the technology, and even offering free training workshops on the core goal setting processes used in rehabilitation.

university of Essex

In 2021, the University of Essex launched their inaugural virtual clinic for health and social care trainees including Speech and Language Therapist, Occupational Therapists and Mental Health Nurses. Students access the CPD-accredited training programme which they applied when using Goal Manager to assess and track progress with virtual clients. We delivered a masterclass with Dr Andrew Bateman to discuss contemporary issues in goal setting and application of theory to clinical practice.

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We understand the importance of research in furthering the knowledge of healthcare rehabilitation. Goal Manager has been presented at ACRM 2019, ACRM 2020, ACRM 2021, BRAIN 2021 and NR-SIG-WFNR 2019.

We therefore welcome the use of Goal Manager free of charge for research institutions looking to develop the evidence for rehabilitation healthcare. Goal Manager has the capacity to be a comprehensive database for all aspects of rehabilitation, including change in functioning over time, goal achievement and multi-disciplinary activity.

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