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What is Goal Manager®?

Goal Manager® is a cloud-based platform which facilitates the key components of goal setting. It incorporates the assessment of the International Classification of Functioning Disability & Health (ICF), Goal Attainment Scaling (GAS) and the SMART* framework. It gives you and / or your service the ability to set goals for and with your clients in a meaningful and efficient way whilst still following best-practice guidelines outlined in rehabilitation literature.

Why do I need Goal Manager?

Goal setting can be really time-consuming and complex. The literature tell us that best-practice goal setting involves completing a functional assessment, identifying and prioritising funcional problems from that assessment, setting goals based on Goal Attainment Scaling (GAS), setting SMART objectives towards achieving those goals, and creating regular summary reports of all of that data.

Some research we conducted in 2019 told us that this takes on average 70.5 hours to complete over a period of 6 months for one client. For many of us, this is unrealistic, impractical and often impossible.

Goal Manager® streamlines all of these gold-standard processes into one platform so you can set meaningful, effective goals for your clients without spending an extortionate amount of time doing so. Our research told us that Goal Manager® reduces time spent on goal setting by 43% whilst still maintaining best-practice. This leaves more time for the clinical, therapeutic work that actually helps your clients move towards their goals, rather than spending it on administrative tasks and paperwork.

I already have my own way of setting goals...

While Goal Manager® aims to facilitate the best-practice processes for goal setting outlined in rehabilitation literature, it can be used in a variety of different ways. Goal Manager® is about making things more effective and efficient for you and your team so you can use its features how you wish – for instance, there is the option to enter bespoke functional problems to work on rather than using the results of the ICF.

If you need any help with making Goal Manager® work for you, please do contact us and we can assist with getting you set up. Equally, if you are interested in changing your approach to goal setting, we are more than happy to provide training to help with this.

Which clients / patients is this for use with?

Goal Manager® is for use with anyone who is engaged in rehabilitation services. This includes acquired brain injury, stroke, cardiac conditions, respiratory conditions, mental illness, persistent pain, and many more.

With goals being based on the ICF assessment, any core set available through the ICF can be used within Goal Manager® and therefore Goal Manager® can be used for all listed conditions. For a full list of these core sets, please click here.

Where is the data stored?

All data for Goal Manager® is stored securely on a server within the UK, in full compliance with GDPR and HIPAA regulations.

How well does Goal Manager track data over time?

Unless requested by the licence owner, no data is ever removed from Goal Manager®. As a result, each goal profile is an exact representation of the client’s rehabilitation through their functional assessment and their goals.

I don't feel confident with technology!

We are working continuously to make Goal Manager® as intuitive as possible. Even if you start using it and feel uncertain, we are always on hand to offer support and assistance to help you make the most of the platform. We have a series of resources available to help with using the platform as well as each component of goal setting.

Is my data safe?

Yes, all your data is stored securely on a UK server, in full compliance with GDPR and HIPPA  regulations.

Can I cancel my subscription anytime?

We require 30 days notice to cancel your subscription and this can be done by emailing us at with your request. Once we have received your request, your subscription will then run to the day of the month it was purchased before ending at which point any remaining months will be refunded.

Can I export my data if I cancel my subscription?

Yes, all of your data can be exported. Please email with your request and your data will be exported in a .csv file.

What happens to my data when I cancel my subscription?

Once you cancel your subscription you have the option to request an export of all of your data. Please note that all data held will be deleted 30 days after the end of your subscription and will then no longer be recoverable.